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Oberhausen March 22nd

Russelsheim April 4th

Gladbeck August 30th

Bremen September 26th

Reichenbach September 28th

Berlin October 4th

Alphen (NL) November 9th

Hannover November 22th

Trier November 23rd

both acts will perform full sets
t's set will be focussed on the more intense, intimate, melancholy tracks
this is a once in a lifetime experiment: t with a full band

don t miss this tour, then.

t - voc, keys, guitar
dominik huettermann - keys, samples
jan steiger - guitar
yenz strutz - bass guitar, backing vocals
thomas nussbaum - drums, percussion


There s something else here between you and me like a dream cast in lead on a ney year s eve and there s something elsewhere of both me and you like a curse caved in wood between two lies i still deny two lives undone when only us can lead you back to yourself two deeds unlived and only me can dream this dream a dream of everyone i ve never known a dream of everything i ve never done to dream me out of sleep to wake the night until i remind myself to undecide changes i never made changing me rewinding me changes the end of always impossible realness dragging me out of time i ll dream of the setting summer i ll dream of a scar i ll dream of a spark in stardust i ll dream from afar i ll dream of everyone I ve never known i ll sing of everything I ve never done to curl myself into this starless night to huddle deep into her blackest light and all is said and all is done and all such things oh yes i know that a last resort a last reprieve a curtain call we said that inside the lodges in our woods that we call homes that rush of boredom in the life that lurks beneath uninvents us and we d kiss in the shadows we d cough through the days leave blanks so we find us ourselves is a space yes we ll kiss in the shadows through the coughs of our days midst the blanks that design us that gap is our place all is said and all is done and all such things i know we said that a last retreat a last revanche a last replay we had that inside the woods inside our houses we forget we were at home once when boredom rushes through our lives in which we lurk beneath ourselves cause that s impossible and in the heart of this winter s night where the clouds shriek nobody loves a poets moon the wrong side of my memories and  yes of course it s night just like it always is that s where I leave you now because I have to and if these words break free like raindrops flood our days that s where i leave you now inside the bluest eye in every streak of life i ll be your son forever beyond all metaphors and all distorting mirrors in every streak of life i am the next in line in all those gaps you left for me to fill and grow around in time in every streak of life i ll miss the sun forever a sudden paradise i lost inside my shelves until my skin was dirt beneath your fingernails and how i hate to understand (like we are both now) until my breath is ice (ripples on no water) until my fingernails like claws (in every streak of blood) rip out my heart and erase you (i ll undermine myself) read it from my fingertips it s love at first tinder unspoilt by pheremones a kiss from 8bit lips i m ready to leave her i sawed off my arm when she held my hand i m ready to leave her i managed to drown when the rain began i m ready to leave her i burned those clothes so bare i stand
i m ready to leave her i tore out my spine when you made me bend that s where we are in a ghost of a love there s something else here now there is this nameless face a poem in a sigh a new year s alibi in every faceless crowd there is this you and me that s where i left you that s where you ll be in every streak of life i ll hear your voice forever in every streak of life our hopes will burn together and sure of course it s night because it always is a poem not a sigh our hopes an endless sky outside a world of smile inside the rain we re dry the end that started it the end where we begin


a dream of everything just like us your magic receeding just like we must if I could see you now beneath that perfect sundown oldfashioned bedside tables keats and yeats on either side your face an endless smile a lifeline s perfect circle that frozen timedrop in your eye across a summer s sky alone by your side a song i denied a thought yet untried for last words aside and while we stay here there s no way you could erase me from your mind (stuck so deep in this world that it bites back on this steep steep road we tiptoe regrets of a summer that ignored us from the heartbeats that restored us with fingers crossed like children that we actually were your phone line my horizon in calibrated lies and there s the emptiness of a raging sea and all the hopes that drowned beneath the gale of a starless sky and there s a starless sky to erase the hopes in empty seas in teardrops in the blink of my eye of my blurring eye under a tree by the street where we lived there is nothing and the sons that we were are forgetting us i am that thought you lost at home that dream you re too sad to star in that spark you disguise that hope that hide in farces the sun in your winter sky i am that thought you buried in our eyes i am that sorrow that you banned when they died a dream you re too scarred to dive in a skin you disguise a keep that you locked your hope in a solstice to freeze your time (our second thoughts behind our backs our love a wimper in a shed restrained to thoughscapes urging for lost denials we dreamed we were too close the thoughts our lovesongs wrote restrained to ever after restrained to us)


a soul i saved a haunted ghost i felled from grace a hidden fire in a fire like the air behind the gale myself and i we smile behind that smile to stay a second thought inside your headache between the ties the wretched and the grime the fray holding on to all we never were a ghost i saved a washed out soul that i reminded of itself a book you craved a quest forgotten in the dust upon your shelves myself and i the grime behind the grime that stays the first sight that informs your heartache between the files the backup of our lives retains a skeleton of all we ever were behind the lines myself and i my second try to fail and die and I ll design the sunsets for us to hide behind a light to glitter in that we pretend to ride yes i ll design the stardust for us to undermine a light to give us shadows to hide inside our light although I know and though I feel our everything is gone a poet s downfall a dream to drawl a downfall s poetry a thought too small i reach for nothingness here in your arms we ll duck our longings inside our charms i know you loved me by and large i know you longed for me to eat my heart i know you dreamt of me when you were small and when you kissed me the stars would fall and though those times are gone with all our stories told and though those metaphors have gone from bard to beckett i still remember you from all those times that went into those stories told for downfall s poetry i still remember you a star from afar an extinct flower i ll be your friend (i m not your friend) i still remember you i ll never leave i still remember because I grieve a last hour one for the road a last call for antidotes a swansong to share the load you ll find us dissipating


the soaking wetness of all we choked my heartbeat reckless the same old story i ll find you there from star to stardust become who we were outside our lives we ll kiss and retreat we ll leave the sky become who we were thus who we re not i ll stay home every night and close my eyes and hide inside those whys to keep me blind if you make your dreams come true you ll have to live with that if life s all you hoped you d choose you ll have to live with that you ll have to live we ll hide me here behind the time that we passed as we passed you said you loved me a fear to last the sound of summer a sold out glance you ll be endeared inside a bottle a last retreat a wish i d throttle i found you loved me a thought outclassed a year of autumns a sold out past i came home every night to wade through the day while sleepless dreams benight the hopes away if you make your dreams come true you ll have to live with that if your fears are all they chew that s what you are


i wake up falling down beneath an angry dream you say i ll understand you know i know and i agree cause i m the silent type i am the gap inside your speeches oh is this all that we were henkaipan and everyone a stupid universe oh is this all that we were i woke up falling down beneath a dream i understand now inside apocalypse outside a yawn the pawn in my own game the y in endlessly your last resort before the storm so watch for me just outside us i ll be the edge in your sleep i am the force to bind the stars into your heart around your eyelid s flutters phantom pain cled scar that face you can t quite spot in every crowd the echo of your footsteps in the raindrops they enshroud the tears you froze inside the courage that they spawned the annotations to the truths spat from your wand better be alone forever than never and i d live your life to lose yourself in ashes we designed and i d fear your fears lest you forget behind our doors that you closed whispered to walls my curtain calls whitefaced and stale sundown decay we sold the fires from our hearts we dealt our childhood for alarms stole our own laughter in the dark in which we stumble now and yet my eyes have kept their grey though always set the wrong way in all the breathstrokes that we missed for clenching fists now there s you and there s me who nod their heads in therapy a sudden rush of apathy a holy grail epidemy a self-inflicted dynasty oh whatever works i m on your side (until it matters... to leave you when I like... for the heartbeats that we waste... and the time that scares me until the carnivores retire) while the silence bites my fingernails in the shadow of the shadow behind behind i ll be the circumstance you can t avoid the universe behind you but nothing more i m on your side (unless it matters... to leave you when denied... till the skin i like is shed and all you had is torn to shreds and disenchanted) and all my life so old inside like stars that died still shed their light the silence of abandoning october rainshine while our sunglasses dream of supernovas you re the silent type just like my heartbeat In a footnote of divinity you re the silent type just like my wildest dreams like disgust and outer space like laughter's cold remains (drifting through backshifts of coffee pad mornings like nights in the sunshine like bitter disdain hopeful as humdrum and whitebread allegiance discernment eviction exposed and reclaimed appeals for redemption and crude alibis a grief-proof religion a second hand sky choked by disaster false hope leukocytes innately lacklustre aghast and alive)


there s something else here inside our heads a smell of leakage of empty stares you say I m elsewhere i understand i am that leakage i am that stare cause in the center of insteads that rush of purity the backside of our self-neglect the spell of certainty we undefine ourselves and creep in guile to keep us breathing to keep us vile behind our sometimes and in-facts we re on our knees and scream for help alarmed by beauty and regrets we burn our thoughts there s something else here the fear that s missing cause in the outskirts of neglect a last uncertainty inside a halo side effect we hail impurity and that s where we lost it to brute poetic fascists a circumstance of clarity to render us too weak we sure want more than this than remnants of our future selves that boast with syllogisms the idols of our past and while my eyes have kept their grey behind the veil of your teardrops i understand you understand that in the end we don t understand at all so this is the end and i am that crowd that watches me go in hiccup smiles and senseless drives (hold me) i am that thought i am that fault (hold me) i am that court i am that vault that sense of wholedom that we lost today a plague of heartbeats did i find (i am that thought i am that court) hold me (i am that fault i m at the core) and all those faces that I saw today they missed your smile to keep them warm (hold me) i am not your lover i am not your friend and the autumn leaves us in a grey divide and we ll be forgotten while our voices chide you will not come back and i will miss this scene while we re being forgotten in a backyard s dream


hello autumn dark again leaves on the making out in the shadow of your flame i dream in a happy crowd moonlit fireworks on pale skies stumbling the rainfall like a lost reply a frown untied there is no further way to go can a broken heart poet float away she won t be standing in the dark don t you know no know a stuttered secret to embark can a heart outgrow a sudden smile to mask my face sold my thoughts to poetry and vanished in overcoats and empty dreams epitaphs and teardrops oh so famished and yes they say we re older now but can t you see the wind still cries the crows still fly the poets lie the years pass by and she still died she might be well behind the dark let us go please go the truth is hidden in the stars earendil bow row ho will you come back to hidden marks i m hoping so for no so I ll stay behind us while you freeze in time i ll keep this memory inside a heartshaped havarie i ll bleed through scrutiny and i ll forget to forget too many songs to sing that wear a life too thin to lease us grieve to win a lie too true to skin inside a world of sighs outside a rain we dried we end what started it an end to hope within a story we started an end we began a kiss to depart us a lifeline s span she won t be standing in the dark she won t so let your eyes come shine again love and hate in fancy reverie beauty merry laughter pride we ll sparkle til the sun explodes in gleam redeemed unsieged bereaved deceived there s no words for us there s no place for us there s no breath for us there s no words for us there s no sky for us there s no time for us there s no light for us there s no life for us but we ll stay alive as if we were alive